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  • Experience the interior of fascinating caves!


Quick Details

Adult 11+ years old
Children 3 - 10 years old
Baby 0 - 2 years old

Boat Tour to Benagil Caves

During the tour along the stunning Algarve coast, experience the interior of the fascinating Benagil Caves, where rock formations, secret beaches, vibrant colors, and the contact with the ocean will unite you forever in a set of unique, indescribable sensations, only possible when being so close to nature.

We highlight the Arade River, which rises in Serra do Caldeirão and flows into the Atlantic Ocean, in Portimão, east of Praia da Rocha. We can see the picturesque fishing village of Ferragudo (among the 20 most beautiful in the country) and the Fort of S. João do Arade, also known as Ferragudo Castle, built in the 19th century.

At the exit of the bar, on the left side, we can see the lighthouse of Ponta do Altar, commonly known as the lighthouse of Ferragudo and Portimão, of 32m.

We also see some beaches with white sand and crystalline waters such as the following: Praia da Rocha; Praia Grande; Pintadinho; Caneiros; Afurada; Paraíso; Carvoeiro (considered the most beautiful beach in Europe); Vale de Covo; Carvalho; B e n a g i l (world’s most famous cave, formed by erosion, about 20 million years old, with its official name: Algar-de-Benagil); Corredoura and Praia da Marinha (currently among the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world and known for its imposing Arches of Marinha).

On warmer days we offer you the opportunity to feel the thrill of diving in the sea, with breathtaking landscapes as a framing backdrop.

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